郑州建业君邻大院 竹苑


开发商 建业集团 景观设计 山水比德 项目地点 河南郑州 设计时间 2020年3月


Urban interface, with the image of a unique (Imageability), how to break the monotony of the city's image?


The Bamboo Garden is located in an open city street. In order to reconstruct the atmosphere of the space, the gate breaks the "monolithic" image of ordinary entrances. With a non-traditional "three-dimensional" structure, people can participate in and experience the cloudy and sunny The "container of shanshui" of natural factors such as, wind and rain.


Unusual experience


The door, as the converter of space, it is the material medium of people, community and city. In the process of human moving in space, landscape becomes the extension of body perception, to "transform" and "reduce" the fast-paced "emotion" in the city.


In the movement of space, "density" will affect the sensory experience, we hope it is not dense or open. The corridor of the main entrance cleverly takes the natural form of the bamboo clusters to create a level of spatial "perspective". When the sun shines, a scene of walking in a bamboo forest was created, developing a connection between people, space and nature.


The ceiling is designed with imitated bamboo leaves


Spatial association · Bamboo forest


Su Dongpo said, "I would rather eat without meat than live without bamboo", bamboo means gentle and integrity in Chinese. Bamboo lush, sort out the mood of the traveler, elegant, humble, uncompromising.


Entering the Zhuyuan, the transition of space, the social roles of people have transformed into parents and children. From the hustle and bustle of the "big" in the city to the warm and cozy "small" in the community, "combs" people's emotions again.


Light penetrates the ceiling, scattering light, it makes people look forward to everything, the warmth of light and the haze of smoke, bring people into the hometown of spirit.


The sandwich bamboo corridor, shielded the hustle and bustle of the city, Shielded the complex emotions of life, walking, enter a "self" state of emotion.


The scale and temperature of community space, on the scale of time and distance, the experience of "body" on human, city and nature, It turns into people's emotion for space.


spatial perception


With the long-term and solidified life style, the perception of "body" to space will become numb. This numbness comes from the fast pace of urban life and the directional work and life mode, which brings pressure and burden to people's spirit and body. Therefore, in the construction of space, we need to stimulate people's senses, activate the perception function of "body", and transform the scenery into the emotional "activation mechanism" of body pleasure.


The whole corridor is designed with bamboo, which looks like a natural shape and brings a light feeling. The sun sets in the west, and the slightly drunk atmosphere makes people feel the warmth of time.


Winding corridor, murmuring water, everything is soft existence, people come home with a relaxed body and mind.


Bamboo, because of its toughness and softness, exudes a kind of affinity with nature. It is also because of the spirituality of bamboo in the hearts of Chinese people. Under the impetus of light and shadow, it brings a silent and humanistic atmosphere to the space like a spring rain.


The combination of ground paving, take the form of bamboo clusters to diverge associations, although the bamboo is regenerated and the disjointed "righteous" beautiful posture.


Sensory Stimulation


People has too much pressure in daily life, we hope to express concern and give people the warmth of the community, through the thinking of space construction.


Human, community and city are a triple parallel world.


Everyone is an independent universe, flying, twining and breaking away in the life track, "Body" force field perception of the landscape, “released” through the reorganization of space creation. The space creates a unique beauty, so that life blooms due poetic.